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In App Purchase

Create In App Purchase

In-app purchase, connect your IAP from the app store to the platform and the creatives. In real-time, the SDK will load the price of the IAP directly from the app store. Then, the price Attrackt is used to track the revenue and the prediction model.


Click on the Add IAP and build the product. Consumable describes purchasing a resource that ends. Non-Consumable describes a non-perish resource and is a fixed resource for the user. Renewable is for subscription products that can be renewed or upgraded. Match the IAP to the definitions in the store.


In this example, we set the data for a coin pack that is a consumable purchase.


After creating the IAP is available to be edited on the main screen.


By Default, the IAP will be enabled and in test mode, until we get a call from the SDK that at least one purchase is working and has passed the testing stage.

IAP edit

You can edit the IAP title pricing and type at any point as the data is updated on the store. pay attention to the Non-consumable allow one purchase and will not be counted if the same user is buying it more than once.