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Create your first Placement

Placements are placeholders for creatives allowing you to connect a screen or an action to activate content. Tracking the interaction in different location in your app. Placements support reward,full screen , banners.

For start click on Add Placement.


And Select the placement type you would like to create.


In this example, we build a reward video placement for the menu, naming it "Test Placement main screen". Use titles to understand better the placement usage and placement id to be used on the SDK.


Now you can see active placements on the screen. You can edit the screen, but any change will need to be aligned with an external connection to the placement. Such as creatives and campaigns. We suggest avoiding changes with live placements and creating new ones.

Placement edit

You can edit the placement and edit title and id, although we recommend to not updating the placement id without updating the campaigns as well.

In order to delete a placement make sure to delete all associated campaigns to avoid any problems.


Placcement Type

The placement type allows you to define the integration within the SDK, allowing you to support popular ad formats. it is essential to understand that the media type is not connected to the placement type, e.g. you can connect a video creative to a banner and set the dimensions correctly. The goal is to match the app usage to the best content.

Once you integrate ads SDK with attrackt, the placement type is more valuable to match the formats with ads networks.