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Mediation Setup

Here you will find the guide to implement and use the Attrackt iOS Framework SDK
Attrackt allows you to mix and mediate multiple suppliers along with Attrackt.

Supported Advertisers

  • AppLovin


You can add the desired advertiser adapter to the project using Cocoapods or Manually.
In order to make the mediation work make sure to set up the networks with the Api key on the Dashboard
or click Here to get there.

After implementing the adapter properly and setting everything up on Attrackt dashboard,
you should be able to start and see the mediation waterfall in action.


All of our adapters are availble through Cocoapods.
To make it work just implement the required Pod line from the list below into your applciation main Podfile.

Make sure your pod file includes Attrackt main Pod.

pod 'Attrackt'

Attrackt requires minimum build target of 12.0 so make sure you have

platform :ios, '12.0'



pod 'AttracktAppLovinAdapter'

Example Pod file

platform :ios, '12.0'

target 'AttracktIntegrationTest' do


  pod 'Attrackt'
  pod 'AttracktAppLovinAdapter'


Don't forget to run Pod Install

pod install --update-repo
And you should be all set!